{8.29.13} Currently

Lucas is currently LOVING bath time.  We’ve had a bath/bedtime routine since he was around 3 months old.  Now he knows that when Daddy brings him into the bathroom it’s time for a bath and his little face lights up.  He loves the water and his bath toys so much that he even managed to go from laying down to sitting up for the first time just so he could play with them!  Poor Darrin thought something was wrong when I started screaming for him to “Come quick and bring a camera!”


I am currently CLEANING as little as possible!  That’s kind of a lie, but my cleaning routine has certainly changed!  My house used to get a deep clean every weekend with light cleaning throughout the week.  Now I’m lucky if I can vacuum and wipe down the kitchen daily! I’m trying to clean one room a night after the little guy has gone to sleep but that means our bedroom hasn’t been cleaned in a while since that’s where he sleeps.  I really need to get a better routine down – especially considering I’m the girl who has the Martha Stewart Cleaning Guide laminated and hanging in the kitchen!

Lucas is currently WORKING on becoming mobile.  He’s scooting around like crazy but I’ve noticed, in the past few days, he’s starting to put more weight on his arms while on his tummy.  I’m really not ready for him to crawl yet and was hoping he’s be a little delayed with that milestone!  I guess I just need to roll with it and give him as much tummy time as he wants until he masters that skill.  Let the baby-proofing begin!

I am currently CREATING list after list after list of things I want to do with Lucas.  The Notes app on my phone is getting a little out of control!  I have Christmas traditions, Fall fun, Activities and Craft lists.  Pinterest has played a huge part in this – although I’m not that great at pinning things!  That said, now would be a great time to start following me on Pinterest.  I promise to get better at actually pinning things and not just looking at what everyone else pins!

Lucas is currently WATCHING everything his Mommy and Daddy do!  He has become so aware of where Darrin and I are at all times.  He is constantly watching us and what we are doing.  Because of this, I am trying to talk to him about every little thing I’m doing, no matter how miniscule it seems.  The phrases “Mommy is brushing her hair with a purple brush” and “Look, Mommy is putting chicken in the big black crock-pot” could definitely be heard in our house this week.

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Toys and Burgers – All the Makings of a Perfect Weekend

I love weekends!  I know that may seem a little crazy since I only work two days a week and my “weekends” are actually four days long.  But honestly, there is nothing better than Saturday and Sunday in my eyes.

First, Daddy’s home the whole day!  Seeing my two favorite guys getting spend the afternoon together just melts my heart!

Original Name

Baths are more fun with Daddy too!

Second, weekend naps just seem more relaxing!


If only this lasted more than 45 minutes!

And third, I tend to spoil the little guy just a bit! Okay, so that’s not really just a weekend thing but I bought this super cute toy this weekend and Lucas really seems to love it!


Plus it was on clearance so that’s a double win!

I also got my Honest shipment this weekend.


I started using diapers about a month or so ago and like them a lot (although I’m still a big fan of Swaddlers for little babies!).  What I really love though are the cleaning products and other items they sell.  Those that have a fragrance smell incredible and everything works so well.  Plus, they are all plant based and therefore totally safe for Lucas!  An added bonus – their customer service is amazing!  If you haven’t tried their free samples yet, you really should!

We ended our Saturday night with some Burgers on the grill!  I stopped cooking with ground beef about three years ago and started using ground chicken.  In that time, I have “invented” some pretty awesome burgers!  This weekend I did Bacon and Pepper Jack Burgers with Avocado Spread!  You really should try them – Darrin doesn’t miss “real” burgers at all!

Burger Ingredients:

1lb ground chicken

1/2 palm full each of granulated garlic and onion powder

2 or 3 teaspoons dried thyme

5 “shakes” of the bottle of worstehsire

5 strips of bacon, cooked and crumbled

1 cup cheese (I used pepper jack for an added kick!)

Salt and Pepper to taste

Combine everything really well and shape into 4 patties (I suggest making them large and on the thin side – leaving them even thinner in the center.  They tend to cook better that way.).

Darrin is the grill master in our house so while he grilled up the burgers I made the Avocado Spread by mashing up an avocado and mixing it with the juice of a lemon,  one clove of grated garlic and a pinch of salt.

We also added some tomato and crispy onions to the burgers.


Served with baked fries and Darrin’s family’s “famous” green beans it was an amazing dinner.


And I couldn’t end a post about this weekend without a quick mention of Justin Timberlake, *NSYNC and the VMA’s last night!  My husband was having a hard time wrapping his head around the fact that MTV was on in our house but it was so worth it!  I felt like I was back in high school and was loving it!  Oh, and that boy is insanely talented!

How was your weekend?  Anything you try to do every weekend? Did you do anything special this weekend?

{8.22.13} CURRENTLY

Another blogger in a group I belong to shared this fun meme last week and I decided I wanted to play!  I’ve spent a fair amount of time stalking exploring the host and co-host’s blogs and they seem like really awesome ladies – I hope they don’t mind me joining in!

Lucas is currently FEELING excitement over playing with our dogs (or at least Mommy thinks he is!).  That little boy’s face lights up when the dogs come within 15 feet of him.  We’re trying to teach him how to pet them gently and our Beagle is definitely the most tolerant of the littlest Overholt’s ‘loving’ gestures.

Lucas is currently MISSING nap time!  He is such an amazing night sleeper (we get 10-11 consecutive hours each night) that I don’t want to do anything to mess that up but man are naps rough.  We’re lucky if we get 45 minutes two or three times a day.  This makes for a super cranky baby by 6 or 7 at night.  I even asked the pediatrician about it at our 6-month well visit and he said that it was fine and that some babies never nap. This mom is hoping the No Nap Club kicks my sweet boy out soon!

I am currently RUNNING through Trader Joe’s Barbeque chips like I’m pregnant again (I’m not – that’s how nasty rumors get started!).  The hubs makes predictions as to how long each bag will last.  My most recent victim – three days!  I am not proud of this fact but I’m telling myself it’s okay because I need the extra calories to feed L!

We are currently VISITING every home that is listed for sale in our price range!  With three dogs, two adults and one little boy with a lot of stuff we are looking for a bigger house.  The search is NOT going well!  I’m hoping I have some good news to share in the next few weeks because this is getting exhausting!

I am currently “COOKING” smoothies almost every morning.  I’ve become a bit obsessed with them actually.  I typically mix frozen berries, a banana, kale, a few tablespoons of greek yogurt, some OJ , a touch of agave, oatmeal and flax seed meal in the blender and enjoy!  The oatmeal and flax seed meal keep me super full – which is awesome with a baby that keeps me on the go constantly (see the MISSING category for the reason why!) and leaves little time for this momma to eat.

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6 Months Old

I am still having the hardest time wrapping my head around the fact that my little baby is 6 months old!  It really does seem like we just brought him home from the hospital!


So many cool things go along with Lucas turning 6 months old.

He’s so chatty!

He’s scooting across the floor (which I’m horrible at capturing on camera by the way!)

And of course, he’s eating solid foods.

The one not-so-cool thing about his 6 month birthday – SHOTS! Our 6 month appointment was on Monday and I was dreading it for the whole week leading up to it.

The Well Baby Visit starts out great!  The nurse takes Lucas’s measurements, we get to see how big he’s getting (he jumped percentiles in each category!) and we get this neat little reminder.


The doctor does a very through examination and lets us know that Lucas is doing great (as if I didn’t already know!!  I’m a super proud Momma!)


And then the nurse comes back in with that horrible tray! Our family has decided that an alternative and delayed vaccination schedule works best for us so at this visit it’s only one needle prick and the oral Rotovirus vaccine. I get upset just looking at that tray and wonder if this ever gets easier. (Second Time Mom’s – now is the time to jump in and say “Yes, it does get easier!” even if you’d be lying through your teeth.)

To be honest, my little guy handles the shots so much better than I do!  He cries for about 3 seconds and then is totally content after I start feeding him.

This is usually the end result of our vaccine doctor visits – a very sleep little boy!


I’m one relieved Mommy because I don’t have to deal with shots for another month (like I said, we spread ours out so we’ve gotten shots at 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 months and have more to get at 7 months).

Since we’ve talked about something I was, and will be, dreading in the upcoming weeks/months, let me hear about something you’re looking forward to in the next month!  For me it’s a new season of awesome (or if my husband is sharing his opinion, awful) television shows!

Food, Yummy Food!

It seems like just yesterday this was taken:


And now we’re taking pictures like this:


The highchair was one of the first baby gifts we received.  It sat in a box in our dining room for at least nine months.  A few weeks ago I noticed how well Lucas was sitting in the Bumbo and he was even starting to “tripod sit” unassisted.  I decided it was time to build the highchair and start eating family dinners at the dining room table.  Up until that point we had be eating in the living room with Lucas in whatever play activity would keep him happy (Exersaucer, Bouncy seat, Swing, Bumbo and even Mommy’s lap from time to time!).

After a few nights at the table with us and lots of staring at our plates and reaching for our food, I decided it was time to give Lucas a taste of solids.  I was all about Baby Led Weaning and put some of my sweet potato on his tray at dinner one night.  He seemed to like it but got frustrated that he couldn’t quite get enough of it into his mouth.  We also had a gagging incident that really scared me (even though I know it’s fine and a normal part of BLW).

I re-thought the BLW decision (ya gotta do what’s best for your family, remember) and decided to try some purees and even cereal just to get him used to swallowing something other than breastmilk.  It went so much better! Want to see how Lucas did? Check out the video below (but be warned it did get a bit messy!)

Don’t have time to watch the video.  That’s okay – I’ll just subject you to his adorable, food-eating cuteness in pictures!

Is that face adorable or what!

It seems like my little boy is growing up so darn fast and I just need time to stop. We even bought him his first sippy cup and gave him a bit of “mommy milk” in it.  Why didn’t someone warn me about how fast time flew with a little baby?!

How was your weekend?  Did you try anything new for the first time? Or did you do something that you love and always enjoy?