O Christmas Tree

What a fun weekend this past weekend was.  Darrin has been so busy at work and getting home later and later that the weekends are really the only time he has for quality family time.

Since it’s been in the upper 70’s here (be jealous my northern friends!) we decided to make a quick trip to the beach.  I have recently redone our bedroom and wanted to get some sand and shells for the Dollar Store vases I bought.

This was only Lucas’s second trip to the beach and he really loved the ocean – well looking at it at least.


Beach Buddies!

He had a blast looking at the different shells we were collecting as well.

It really is amazing watching life through the eyes of a 9 month old.  Even the simplest thing seems so awe-inspiring to them.  That is definitely a lesson we can all take from our little ones.



The day after our beach trip (and in a drastic season and weather change) we headed to a Christmas tree lot to find our tree for the year.  Lucas was equally amazed here.


I’m kind of crazy about finding the perfect tree!  We always had a real tree when I was growing up.  We’d even cut it down ourselves.  So finding just the right tree has been really important to me.

It took a while (and it was freezing so I really was trying to hurry), but we finally found the perfect tree.  We even took a second and got a cute family photo.

FamilyPhotoTreeLot120713Christmas is getting closer and I’m getting excited.  I cannot wait to get our tree decorated once the branches fall a little.  Holiday music, hot chocolate and decorating sounds like the perfect family evening.

Is your tree up?  Do you do a real tree or an artificial tree? How long does it take you to find your perfect tree?


I Got a New Toy!

So I know it’s not Christmas yet, but Santa came early for me!

I (finally) got a “grownup” camera.  No more iPhone camera for this girl.  I am now the proud owner of a Cannon RebelT3.  Honestly, I don’t even know what that means but I’m so excited to learn.  I can’t wait to be able to capture L growing up (I mean, the iPhone camera is good but the fun Mommy and Me photo shoots we can have make me giddy like a girl who just got asked to prom by Jake Ryan!).

My only regret?  That I didn’t buy this camera last year during Black Friday.  I missed almost a whole year of being able to take amazing pictures of L.

He was pretty excited about Mommy’s new camera too.


“What is that thing, Mommy?”


“You don’t need the instructions, right?”

So now the question is – how the heck do I learn how to use my new camera?  I’ve heard YouTube has some good videos but if anyone would like to share some beginner tips, I’m all ears!

And because I just couldn’t resist.  Here are a few more shots of the little man.




So now I want to know – What are you asking Santa for this year?

It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas!

First, apologies for going MIA again but the move and the holidays and the new project I’m working on (check that out here) have kept me super busy. Here is some Thanksgiving cuteness right off the bat since I know you’ve been missing it!


Lucas was really excited for Thanksgiving dinner!

Now for the fun stuff. It’s the holiday season – FINALLY! I love this time of year. Honestly, love may be an understatement when describing how I feel about the holiday season. I think a lot of it stems from how big of a deal my mom made about Thanksgiving and Christmas and just the holidays in general when I was growing up. Now that I’m a mom, I want to make sure Lucas has that same excitement surrounding this time of year.

I know he’s still young this year but I’m starting early with the crafts and the decorating and the memories! I’m trying to keep it reigned in though, because he’s probably not going to remember much from his first Christmas (I keep telling D we will remember it and have the pictures and videos to show him though!).

Our first craft project was to turn the door to the garage into Frosty the Snowman. A little construction paper and some tape and we were set! Lucas probably didn’t enjoy the cutting and taping as much as he will in future but he’s definitely been staring at the door a lot, which makes me really happy.


I have a lot of fun things planned for the next 23 days! Make sure you’re checking back often to see how we’re getting ready to celebrate L’s first Christmas.

Are you doing anything special with your kids this holiday season? I’d love to hear what your plans are (and maybe steal a few!) so share in the comments.