6 Months Old

I am still having the hardest time wrapping my head around the fact that my little baby is 6 months old!  It really does seem like we just brought him home from the hospital!


So many cool things go along with Lucas turning 6 months old.

He’s so chatty!

He’s scooting across the floor (which I’m horrible at capturing on camera by the way!)

And of course, he’s eating solid foods.

The one not-so-cool thing about his 6 month birthday – SHOTS! Our 6 month appointment was on Monday and I was dreading it for the whole week leading up to it.

The Well Baby Visit starts out great!  The nurse takes Lucas’s measurements, we get to see how big he’s getting (he jumped percentiles in each category!) and we get this neat little reminder.


The doctor does a very through examination and lets us know that Lucas is doing great (as if I didn’t already know!!  I’m a super proud Momma!)


And then the nurse comes back in with that horrible tray! Our family has decided that an alternative and delayed vaccination schedule works best for us so at this visit it’s only one needle prick and the oral Rotovirus vaccine. I get upset just looking at that tray and wonder if this ever gets easier. (Second Time Mom’s – now is the time to jump in and say “Yes, it does get easier!” even if you’d be lying through your teeth.)

To be honest, my little guy handles the shots so much better than I do!  He cries for about 3 seconds and then is totally content after I start feeding him.

This is usually the end result of our vaccine doctor visits – a very sleep little boy!


I’m one relieved Mommy because I don’t have to deal with shots for another month (like I said, we spread ours out so we’ve gotten shots at 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 months and have more to get at 7 months).

Since we’ve talked about something I was, and will be, dreading in the upcoming weeks/months, let me hear about something you’re looking forward to in the next month!  For me it’s a new season of awesome (or if my husband is sharing his opinion, awful) television shows!


One thought on “6 Months Old

  1. No Alissa shots do not get easier. Anything associated with pain for any of your children is more painful for you than it is for them. Even when they are 30. Oh, and it’s so much harder when you’re a Gwam!

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