Food, Yummy Food!

It seems like just yesterday this was taken:


And now we’re taking pictures like this:


The highchair was one of the first baby gifts we received.  It sat in a box in our dining room for at least nine months.  A few weeks ago I noticed how well Lucas was sitting in the Bumbo and he was even starting to “tripod sit” unassisted.  I decided it was time to build the highchair and start eating family dinners at the dining room table.  Up until that point we had be eating in the living room with Lucas in whatever play activity would keep him happy (Exersaucer, Bouncy seat, Swing, Bumbo and even Mommy’s lap from time to time!).

After a few nights at the table with us and lots of staring at our plates and reaching for our food, I decided it was time to give Lucas a taste of solids.  I was all about Baby Led Weaning and put some of my sweet potato on his tray at dinner one night.  He seemed to like it but got frustrated that he couldn’t quite get enough of it into his mouth.  We also had a gagging incident that really scared me (even though I know it’s fine and a normal part of BLW).

I re-thought the BLW decision (ya gotta do what’s best for your family, remember) and decided to try some purees and even cereal just to get him used to swallowing something other than breastmilk.  It went so much better! Want to see how Lucas did? Check out the video below (but be warned it did get a bit messy!)

Don’t have time to watch the video.  That’s okay – I’ll just subject you to his adorable, food-eating cuteness in pictures!

Is that face adorable or what!

It seems like my little boy is growing up so darn fast and I just need time to stop. We even bought him his first sippy cup and gave him a bit of “mommy milk” in it.  Why didn’t someone warn me about how fast time flew with a little baby?!

How was your weekend?  Did you try anything new for the first time? Or did you do something that you love and always enjoy?


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