{8.22.13} CURRENTLY

Another blogger in a group I belong to shared this fun meme last week and I decided I wanted to play!  I’ve spent a fair amount of time stalking exploring the host and co-host’s blogs and they seem like really awesome ladies – I hope they don’t mind me joining in!

Lucas is currently FEELING excitement over playing with our dogs (or at least Mommy thinks he is!).  That little boy’s face lights up when the dogs come within 15 feet of him.  We’re trying to teach him how to pet them gently and our Beagle is definitely the most tolerant of the littlest Overholt’s ‘loving’ gestures.

Lucas is currently MISSING nap time!  He is such an amazing night sleeper (we get 10-11 consecutive hours each night) that I don’t want to do anything to mess that up but man are naps rough.  We’re lucky if we get 45 minutes two or three times a day.  This makes for a super cranky baby by 6 or 7 at night.  I even asked the pediatrician about it at our 6-month well visit and he said that it was fine and that some babies never nap. This mom is hoping the No Nap Club kicks my sweet boy out soon!

I am currently RUNNING through Trader Joe’s Barbeque chips like I’m pregnant again (I’m not – that’s how nasty rumors get started!).  The hubs makes predictions as to how long each bag will last.  My most recent victim – three days!  I am not proud of this fact but I’m telling myself it’s okay because I need the extra calories to feed L!

We are currently VISITING every home that is listed for sale in our price range!  With three dogs, two adults and one little boy with a lot of stuff we are looking for a bigger house.  The search is NOT going well!  I’m hoping I have some good news to share in the next few weeks because this is getting exhausting!

I am currently “COOKING” smoothies almost every morning.  I’ve become a bit obsessed with them actually.  I typically mix frozen berries, a banana, kale, a few tablespoons of greek yogurt, some OJ , a touch of agave, oatmeal and flax seed meal in the blender and enjoy!  The oatmeal and flax seed meal keep me super full – which is awesome with a baby that keeps me on the go constantly (see the MISSING category for the reason why!) and leaves little time for this momma to eat.

What are you CURRENTLY up to?  Share in the comments below or, better yet, hit up the host’s site and join in!


6 thoughts on “{8.22.13} CURRENTLY

  1. Yay! I’m so glad you joined. Parker could not be more in love with our dog. Now that he can walk he thinks the dog is always playing with him or chasing him. Also I am beyond envious of Lucas’ nighttime sleeping! Parker (19 months old) still doesn’t sleep well at night.

  2. Thanks for joining the link up! Your header picture is ridiculously beautiful 🙂

    Kale was never a great napper at that age either. It took everything I had to get him to sleep past 30 minutes. Unfortunately, his night time sleep was never that great either. Now he’s a pretty solid napper (an hour and a half), so I’m glad I kept at it. I can’t imagine life without naps!!!

    • It’s a great link up – a wonderful way to remember what’s going on in our lives weekly. I’m also hoping once L gets a little older he starts taking great naps. He’s a really happy baby so it’s not to hard to get the necessities done even if he doesn’t nap but I’d love to be able to get a few more things done during the day!

  3. We’ve been members in the No Nap Club recently as well. Maybe our babies will get the hint soon! Although, I can’t say that Nora sleeps well at night so who knows what her deal is. Aren’t smoothies the best?! I love how you can throw all sorts of stuff in a blender and have a quick, healthy way to start the day.

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