About Me

I’m a mom!  I never thought that phrase would be the most important and accurate description of me – and then my son was born.

My little man right after he was born!

My little man right after he was born!

I’m other things too:

Our Wedding

A Wife!

A Daughter!

A Daughter!

A Sister!

A Sister!

…but those all pale in comparison to being a mom.

A few more basics – I’m in my early 30’s; I live in Wilmington, NC with my husband, toddler and three dogs; I work from home as an Independent Travel Magician planning magical vacations for people; I love to cook but can’t bake nearly as well; I like pretty awful television but love a good book; Our 2nd son in due in January of 2016.

My life drastically changed the day Lucas was placed on my chest (after 22 hours of labor and 40 minutes of pushing) and this blog is my way of sharing this new amazing journey I’m on with all of you.  My hope is that you will find something helpful, eye opening, reassuring and maybe even funny here – after all, no one said being a mom was easy and whoever said “It takes a village” knew what they were talking about – even if it’s a virtual village!

Lots of Love,



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