DIY Menu Board

So I may be a tiny Pinterest obsessed.  I pin so much, but hardly ever follow through (unless it’s food – I make a lot of Pinterest recipes!)

One of the first things I pinnned when I joined several years, a new house and a baby ago, was a dry erase menu made out of a picture frame.  I pinned it so long ago that I actually cannot find the pin anymore.  I feel like my DIY skills have really matured since then so I could probably try it on my own – and yes, there was a touch of sarcasm in that last sentence!

We had a wall in our new kitchen just begging for something like this so I began the hunt for frames to use – man are big frames expensive!  Then I had a brilliant idea, check out a consignment shop for an old print.  Ten minutes and $6 later I was headed home with this:


And I ended up with this:

DIY Dry Erase Menu Board Tutorial

I was even able to do most of it during nap time – since paint takes a while to dry, I can’t consider it a one-nap project, but it’s pretty close!

Here is what you’ll need:


Spray paint




Hot glue gun

Ruler or measuring tape

2″ permanent stick letters

1/2″ permanent stick letters


I forgot to include the spray paint since it was already waiting for me out in the garage!

First things first, remove the backing from your frame (I had to use a knife and cut tape and pry up staples, just be careful if you have this type of frame, but remember no one will see the back.

Second, use a good spray paint (one that includes a primer) to paint the entire frame.  Remember to stay in a well ventilated area (I use our garage with the door open) and to allow it to dry overnight.  If you’re going to need a second coat, read the instructions on the can, but most say to apply the second coat within one hour or after 48 hours.


While I was waiting for the paint to try I took some extra fabric I had, ironed it (the worst part in my opinion), and measured and cut it to fit the print in the frame.


I used the glue gun to secure the fabric as I wrapped it around the print.  Putting the print side to the back was a must for me since my fabric was lighter and the print a little dark.  I also tried to make the corners as tight as possible, since it was already a tight fit in the frame.


Here is an close-up for the corners:


Then I took the 2″ letters and applied them to spell Menu at the top of the fabric covered print.  What’s For Dinner would also be a super cute header in my opinion!

Next I measured out the spacing for the days of the week. Mine were about an inch apart, but make it even spacing depending on how big your frame is.


After getting the first day applied, I put the first letter of the remaining days down as a placeholder and I think it made this step a little faster!

At this point it became a waiting game for the frame to dry, but after that it was time to put everything together.

I gave the frame a glass cleaning with some cleaner and then started the assembly process  – glass, then fabric covered print and then the backing.  I had to use the tape to secure the backing (mainly since I didn’t want to get the staple gun out!) but once it was all put together you couldn’t even tell!

Dry Erase Menu

I was so excited to get the menu up and meals for the week added!  I just used a regular dry erase marker to write the meals on the glass – although I do think I need a thicker one to make it easier to see!  This has definitely stopped the “What’s for dinner?” question at our house and will have a place in our kitchen for years to come.