Hello Third Trimester!

3rd Trimester

I hit 27 weeks this past Friday and I have officially welcomed the third trimester!  In some ways I feel like this pregnancy is going so fast!  Maybe because I’m pretty sure this will be my last one and I want to hold on to those baby kicks and flips and special time between me and this little nugget for as long as I can.  Or, maybe it’s because I’m totally scared at the thought of having a newborn and a toddler!  Either way, the closer we get to January, the more excited I get.

How Am I Feeling:  I’m feeling GREAT!  I love this part of pregnancy!  I have a decent amount of energy (during the day at least!), I’m not SOOOO big that I’m uncomfortable but all of the “yuck” from the early weeks is officially long gone!  I am starting to get a bit of swelling in my feet when I push it too hard during the day but I’m hoping that’s not a sign of my blood pressure going up in the future or anything like that.

Food Cravings:  They’ve calmed down a bit and are much more “tame” now.  Apples and peanut butter are topping my list.  We’ve also been baking a lot of cookies in our house.  I’m not sure if this is pregnancy related or just fall related but I’m loving everything pumpkin as well!

Active Baby?:  Oh my goodness – this little guy is SO active.  Way more so than his older brother (which is slightly terrifying).  And it’s all the time already.  At this point with Lucas I usually felt him when I was resting – this little one makes his presence known even when I’m up and moving around.

How Much Weight Have I Gained?: At my appointment at 26 weeks I was up right at 15lbs (although I think it’s really about 17 or 18 pounds).  By that point with Lucas I had gained 24 pounds.  I’m really happy with my weight gain at this point.  Although I may have celebrated that victory a bit too much last week and need to reign in the snacking!

Any Other Pregnancy “Symptoms”:  I am already starting to nest like crazy!  We’re working on setting up L’s big boy room (we’re going with a train theme) and I decided I needed to organize all of my wrapping paper, gift bags, etc. for some reason yesterday.

My Health Update:  In my last update post I mentioned they had found I had marginal placenta previa during my anatomy ultrasound.  I went back for another scan 4 weeks later and all was well – Praise the Lord!  My blood pressure has also been perfect so far and I’m hoping it stays that way!  At the slightest sign of swelling I start to freak out but I think some of it is that I’m going a little crazy with the nesting and it’s still in the upper 70’s here (so the heat is NOT helping).  At my follow up ultrasound they said that baby was measuring a week or so ahead so I go back later this week for another one (at 24 weeks he was weighing 1lb 12oz according to their measurements – which I don’t totally believe by the way!).  I also passed my 1 hour Glucola test this time (I failed with Lucas and had to take the 3 hour – which I passed) so no Gestational Diabetes for me!

Overall this has been a wonderful pregnancy.  Yes, it’s harder being pregnant with a toddler but I’m loving everything about growing this little nugget.  I know I’ll be sad when our special time together is over, but I can’t wait to welcome him into this world!


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