I Got Roses From a Man That Isn’t My Husband!


Today I got a dozen beautiful roses – and they weren’t from my husband.  Now before I set the rumor mill on fire, they were from one of the Customer Service Agents at the Honest Company, Nick S.


I’m not exactly sure what I did to deserve these flowers but I will certainly take them and enjoy them – they are beautiful!

Even before my flower delivery, I was a huge fan of the Honest Company and their products.  We have been using their diapers and cleaning supplies for almost two year now and I can’t imagine going back to our old products.

They run a lot of fun promotions, too!  Around the holidays they tend to offer a free item for each bundle you have (I have two – diapers & wipes and household essentials).  This year I got a really nice tote and a HUGE zipper pouch that I plan on using for diapers and wipes.  And they always include a little something special in their holiday bundle shipments.  This year it was organic sugar cookie mix and a snowflake cookie cutter.  I can’t wait to try these out with Lucas!


Aren’t these awesome!? And they were FREE!

Not only are their products amazing (the only product I haven’t cared for is the shampoo/body wash,  I didn’t like the way it made my hair feel) but their customer service is outstanding.

I “met” Nick S. – the sender of my amazing bouquet – earlier this month when I had an issue with my latest bundle order.  My laundry detergent had leaked and there was a gross orange “liquid” on one of my diaper packs.  Nick was great!  He sent me out new products to replace the damaged ones right away.  He also applied a 20% off credit to my account for my next order. He did ask that I email a few photos I had taken of the diapers so they could pass it along to their quality control department.  I did that and in his response he told me I could email him personally with any issues I had instead of taking the time to call.  The only other place I’ve ever received customer service like that is the Walt Disney Travel Company.

So now I have this beautiful bouquet of a dozen pink and yellow roses and a very warm and fuzzy feeling toward a company I already really loved!  Well played, Honest Company, well played!

Have you tried any Honest Company products?  Would you like to?  Just click here to sign up for a free trial of their diapers, essentials or vitamin bundles.  Please note though that unless you  notify them, requesting the free sample will enroll you in their bundle service.  But like I said, their customer service is great so if you’re not happy with the product it will only take a few seconds to unsubscribe!


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