For The Record 03.28.14

It’s Friday again and time to share what we’ve been up to this week.  I am really enjoying the chance to document our weeks this way.  It will be nice to look back on them all some day and have these quick little snapshots of our life!


 1. Favorite Picture of the Week

As if we needed any more evidence Lucas really is my mini-me…he LOVE “helping” clean the floors!

Lucas Cleaning

2. What TV show are you addicted to right now?

The series finale of Psych aired on Wednesday and I thought it was a great ending to a great show.  I’ve watched every episode of Psych probably 4 or 5 times (thank you Netflix!).  It’s actually what I watched for the first 12 hours of my induction with Lucas.

3. What Book(s) did you read this week?

Okay, don’t laugh!  I started reading the YA series, Kingdom Keepers by Ridley Pearson.  It’s a series that takes place inside Disney World.  The first book was a free Kindle download earlier this week and I just picked up the second book a the library.

4. Song you can’t stop listening too

The Legally Blonde soundtrack!  Oh My God, you guys…I’m addicted!

5. Something funny/awesome that happened was….

Lucas is really taking off walking.  He’s been taking a few steps at a time for weeks now but in the past few days he’s really gaining confidence and walking all the way toward me or Darrin or to something he wants.  He’s still not totally steady on his feet, but I’m guessing he will be soon.

6. Something not so awesome that happened was….

I’m pretty sure we’re moving to a one nap schedule now.  Lucas has been fighting his second nap for a few weeks now – it’s been taking me at least 45 minutes to get him to sleep.  I decided to try this one nap thing and it seems to be working out much better, so far!

7. Favorite blog post you posted or came across this week….

So I’m cheating a little – this is a “how to” not a blog, but I’m super excited to get a little herb garden growing this spring/summer.  I’ve found a ton of inspiring pictures online and can’t wait to put our together.

8. The best dinner you had this week was…

I made my Enchilada bake this week!  It’s a favorite in our house and so incredibly easy.  I’m making an Italian Chicken Bake tonight though and hoping it becomes a family favorite as well.

9. Plans for the weekend….

Darrin and I are thinking of making Saturday night a date night – it’s not definite yet, but it’s the closest we’ve been to get out just the two of us in a while.  We also tried out a new church last weekend and are looking forward to going back on Sunday.

How was your week?  Anything you’d like to put On The Record?  Leave it in the comments below!


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