A Disney Vacation!

My baby boy turned one a few weeks ago.  I’m not entirely sure how a year went by so quickly but it did!

Planning a first birthday party seemed like such a fun idea, but I’ve always been a “Go Big or Go Home” kinda girl so I planned L’s first birthday party in the Happiest Place on Earth – Walt Disney World!  We spent 8 days living it up with the main Mouse himself and it was amazing!  We were joined by my mom, uncle and grandparents and together we celebrated the first year of Lucas with great flourish!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words so I hope you enjoy this peak into our vacation and L’s first birthday!  I will say that Lucas LOVED the trip and I do not think one is too young to take a trip to Disney.  I have tons of tips and advice though and will be sharing them in the upcoming months!












I’ll be posting pictures from his actual birthday celebration soon, along with tips on how to have a magical birthday at Disney World soon.  Lucas with a cupcake is certainly worth seeing!


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