It’s a Snow Day!

Okay, okay – so I know my Northern friends are laughing at us right now.  We got maybe an inch of snow (which is really ice!) and schools are closed, government offices didn’t open, both Darrin’s office and my office closed early yesterday and remained closed today.  We didn’t get hit nearly as bad as those in the deeper South (all of who we are praying for) but we did get just enough to spend a fun day playing in our version of a Winter Wonderland!


Our backyard

L's first look at the snow!

L’s first look at the snow!

All bundled up

All bundled up

So excited!

So excited!

"What is this stuff, Mom?"

“What is this stuff, Mom?”

"This stuff is COLD!"

“This stuff is COLD!”

After our time playing outside we warmed up with some hot chocolate (for Mommy and Daddy) and caught up on an episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse – did I mention we’re headed to Walt Disney World in less than two weeks?  I haven’t?  Well, prepare to be inundated with our last minute planning for the next few posts!

Did it snow where you are?  How did you spend the day if it did?  What is your favorite cold weather activity?


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