What Teething Taught Me!

A few weeks ago my poor little guy was up in the middle of the night, crying in pain, from teeth.  It was honestly a pretty awful time for everyone in our house, including the dogs!  That was only his first tooth, so I know we’ve got a lot more to go – all of them causing me equal dread.

But that night, at 3:30am,  as I was cuddling my little baby while rocking him to sleep in a dark nursery and trying not to do dose off myself I realized this is what motherhood is really all about.  I sat there in the dark and started to cry a little – not because I was exhausted and not even because Lucas was in pain.  But because at 3:30am, after hours of crying and restless sleep and medicine and cold teething toys my son cuddled up close to me, let out a sigh and feel into a deep and restful sleep.

In that sleep deprived moment I realized that, even if only for a little while, I was the comfort my son needed.  I’m not going to lie, being a mom has definitely had some rough moments – watching your baby be taken away for surgery, him screaming in pain after that surgery, leaving him to go back to work, and of course teething all come to mind – but for every rough moment there are 10 amazing moments that remind me of the special gift motherhood is.

Lucas has cut another tooth since then and he has many, many more to go.  And while I hate him in pain, I will always be grateful for our first night of teething and the memory of my sweet boy finally sleeping in my arms and knowing that I was the comfort he needed.


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