A Week in Review!

Whew – it has been a busy week in the Overholt house!

My family has been in town since last Thursday.  My little brother even flew up from Atlanta to meet his nephew for the first time.  They totally hit it off!


We also had a mini photo session with our awesome photographer, Mel, owner of Aria Images, photog for all of our important moments and one pretty awesome chicka!  She posted a few sneak peeks afterward so I just have to show them off!

Weekend-2 Weekend-3

Lucas also went on his first trip to the zoo!  We have a little animal park in Wilmington and we took Lucas to see the animals this weekend.  I’m not sure how impressed he was with the monkeys, but he did take an awesome nap afterward, so that’s a success in my book!


Finally, I also had the opportunity to meet up with another mom I “met” while pregnant on a Bump group.  Her daughter was born the day before Lucas (even though we were both due a few weeks later) and it was fun to let the little ones meet and to have some face time with one of the women I’ve shared my pregnancy and birth with.

I’ve tried to pack so much into the past five days!  I think I’ve worn the little man out – it took about 30 seconds for him to fall asleep last night!  Sometimes I feel bad doing so much with him but then I think of all the experiences he’s having and that sometimes even a trip to the grocery store is exciting for him.  Every day is such a learning opportunity for him and I’m doing my best to expose him to as many new things as possible without totally overwhelming him.

Here’s one more shot of the little cutie, courtesy of Mel, to end with:


What was your favorite thing to do as a kid? Do you still enjoy it?


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